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The best pubs in Nantes

Hello to you Nantaise or Nantais wanting to find a perfect Pub where to spend a moment with friends or alone! Nantes has a lot of surprises in store for you in all seasons, but summer is the season of the terraces!

We have listed for you the different Pubs in the city that have a terrace. You'll love the small but lively Buck Mulligan 's for example. The city of Nantes offers a wide choice of pubs with terraces, of all styles, to satisfy your every desire.

For beer lovers, Buck Mulligan's offers a wide range of beers at very affordable prices.The decor is designed to make you feel at home and the terrace is just as nice.

If you are looking for a more traditional and authentic setting, we recommend the Macallan, which is located near the Place Royale. This establishment offers a varied menu with draught beers, wines and cocktails as well as traditional dishes. The terrace with the barrels is worth a visit when the weather is nice.

Don't hesitate to discover the different pubs in Nantes and enjoy their terraces. Something to cheer you up!

8 bars

Au Plaiz'Here

No reviews

54 Rue Maréchal Joffre, 44000 Nantes

Buck Mulligan's

No reviews

12 Rue du Château, 44000 Nantes

Le Macallan

5,0 (1)

1 Rue Rameau, 44000 Nantes

Le Callaway

No reviews  • 🍺 €3.00

2 Rue de l'Emery, 44000 Nantes

Peter Mc Cool

No reviews

22 Rue Scribe, 44000 Nantes


No reviews

61 Quai de la Fosse, 44000 Nantes


No reviews  • 🍺 €5.50

3 Rue Albert Londres, 44300 Nantes

The Green Sheep

5,0 (2)

6 Rue Bon Secours, 44000 Nantes