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All the best cocktail bars in Nantes

If you're looking for a refreshing and delicious cocktail, I highly recommend you try a cosmopolitan. It's a sweet and sour mix that you can find in almost every trendy cocktail bar in Nantes.

If you don't know where to go to find a cocktail bar in Nantes, I suggest you go to the Bouffay district, which is known for its many bars and restaurants. You could start with the bar Le Nid which is located at the top of the Tour Bretagne. The panoramic view of the city is incredible and the cocktails are to die for.

If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, I suggest you visit Le Mess on Rue Léon Blum. This cocktail bar offers a selection of quality craft drinks in a warm and friendly setting.

If you want a unique experience, head to the historic district of Nantes to discover Le Baroudeur which is a speakeasy. To get in, you have to find the secret door in the rue Crébillon and give the password. Once inside, you will be transported to a mysterious and fascinating world, with incredible cocktails to taste.

In general, you can expect to pay between 10 and 15 euros for a cosmopolitan in a mid-range cocktail bar in Nantes. Either way, you won't regret trying this delicious cocktail!

Nantes is a lively city full of nightlife. The cocktail bars here are truly unique and offer an incredible atmosphere. The bar owners are friendly and passionate, which creates a very pleasant atmosphere. So don't hesitate to go out with your friends to discover the best cocktail bars in Nantes and have an unforgettable evening!

16 bars


No reviews

16 Rue Jules Launey, 44100 Nantes


5,0 (1)

15 All. Commandant Charcot, 44000 Nantes

Le Santeuil Café

No reviews

5 Rue Santeuil, 44000 Nantes


No reviews

8 Quai François Mitterrand, 44200 Nantes

Le Mariole

No reviews

Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 44000 Nantes

Le Mess

No reviews  • 🍺 €4.50

19 bis Rue Léon Blum, 44000 Nantes

Espit Chupitos

No reviews  • 🍺 €4.00

2 Rue de la Paix, 44000 Nantes

Cap’S Bar

No reviews

9 Rue Bon Secours, 44000 Nantes

Berlin 1989 - Republik

No reviews

2 Place Abbé Pierre, 44200 Nantes

Lune Froide

No reviews

21 Quai de Versailles, 44000 Nantes

Le Jungle Bar

No reviews  • 🍺 €3.00

2 All. Duguay Trouin, 44000 Nantes

Salut Marcel

No reviews

3 Rue Rameau, 44000 Nantes

Berlin 1989

4,7 (1)

95 Boulevard Gabriel Lauriol, 44300 Nantes

Le Labo

No reviews

19 Rue Léon Blum, 44000 Nantes

Le Maestro

4,0 (2)

Cours des 50 Otages, 44000 Nantes

Le Doreur

5,0 (1)

2 Rue des Carmélites, 44000 Nantes