L'Happy Hour à toute heure !

Télécharge Schlouk Map et bénéficie de l'happy hour prolongé ou de réductions spéciales dans les meilleurs bars de ta ville.

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Paye tes verres moins cher

Grâce aux tarifs négociés avec les bars partenaires, tu fais des économies sur tes verres, par exemple :

Sans Schlouk Club
2 Mojitos + 1 Soda = 19,50€

Avec Schlouk Club
2 Mojitos + 1 Soda = 12,00€


🤔 How does it work?
We reach out to bars and ask them to offer special prices for Schlouk Map member. In return, bars get more exposure and more customers, it's win-win!
📍 Which bars are partners?
The list of bars is available in the Schlouk Map app. We carefully curate partner bars and there will be more bars in every cities with different styles (beer bar, cocktail bar, ...).
💸 How to enjoy the deals?
To get the discounts, download the app. Once your account is validated, show your digital member card to the server when you are making an order to enjoy the discount.
👛 How much does it cost?
The membership is free!

Rejoins le Schlouk Club

For less than 1€ per week, you're saving from the 1st drink!

📲 Pour voir les offres, ouvre l'appli Schlouk Map