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Bars in La valette

Currently there are 43 bars in La valette listed on Schlouk Map. If you are looking for a nice bar or an original bar in La valette, there is one for you!

43 bars

Grain Street

No reviews  • 🍺 €6.50

167 Merchants Street Valletta VLT, La Valette

Yard 32

No reviews

32 Strait St, La Valette


No reviews

46 Old Theatre Street, La Valette

Ta Rinald

No reviews

220 Merchants St, La Valette

Sunday In Scotland

No reviews

173 Triq Santa Lucia, La Valette

The Rootz Bar

No reviews  • 🍺 €4.00

11 Strait St, La Valette


No reviews  • 🍺 €5.00

222 Great Siege Road, La Valette


No reviews  • 🍺 €4.50

57 Republic St, La Valette

Tikka Bar

No reviews

14 Old Treasury Street, La Valette

Babel Bistro

No reviews  • 🍺 €4.00

120 Archbishop St, La Valette


No reviews

175 Strait St, La Valette


No reviews

84 South Street Triq In-Nofsinhar Valletta, La Valette


No reviews  • 🍺 €6.00

64 South St, La Valette

Fat Harry's Pub

No reviews  • 🍺 €2.60

38 St Zachary St, La Valette

Loop Bistro Bar

No reviews

68 Strait St, La Valette


No reviews

93 Strait St, La Valette


No reviews

60 Old Bakery Street, La Valette

Naan Bar

No reviews

Old Bakery St, La Valette

N Japanese Bistrot

No reviews

92 Strait St, La Valette

Coffee Circus

No reviews

Triq San Gwann, La Valette

The Capitol City Bar

No reviews

172 Merchants St, La Valette

The Harbour Club

No reviews

5 Quarry Wharf, La Valette


No reviews

Ordnance St, La Valette

The Undercroft Gourmet

No reviews

West St, La Valette

Wild Honey

No reviews

127 St. Lucia's Street, La Valette

Vino's Cafe Bar

No reviews

19 Triq San Gwann, La Valette

ION - Harbour

No reviews

11 St.Barbara Bastion Il-Belt Valletta, La Valette

Galea's kitchen

No reviews

214 Merchant Street, La Valette


No reviews

152 St. Lucia's Street, La Valette

Cheeky Monkey

No reviews

174 Merchants St, La Valette

Carmen Bar

No reviews

Strait St, La Valette

Carcass - The City Bar

No reviews

56 Strait St, La Valette

Capo Crudo

No reviews

Boat Street, La Valette

Sally Port

No reviews

102 St. Nicholas Street, La Valette

Black Bull

No reviews

Old Theatre Street, La Valette

Beati Paoli

No reviews

240 St Paul St, La Valette