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The top cocktail bars in Toulouse

The Pink City is rich in history and culture, which is also reflected in its bar scene and makes it perfect for having the best cocktail bars. You'll find a wide variety of cocktail bars, from the traditional to the more worldly, all offering a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition, many of Toulouse's bars are located in historic buildings, which makes them even more charming.

The streets of Toulouse are full of incredible cocktail bars. If you walk along Rue Saint-Rome, you will discover a wide variety of cocktail bars, from trendy and modern places to more intimate and cosy bars. If you're looking for a cocktail bar with a great view of the city, then don't miss the rooftop terrace at Mama Shelter.

But a cocktail bar is not just a place to enjoy delicious cocktails. It's a place where you can relax, chat with friends and meet new people, which of course you can do at Loup Blanc. The music is carefully chosen to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and the decor is often sophisticated and elegant.

The cocktail bar is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure. If you're looking for a place to have a drink after work or for a night out with friends, cocktail bars are the best option. So why not try one of Toulouse's many cocktail bars and find out why the pink city is known for its incredible bar scene?

19 bars

Levrette Café

No reviews

65 Allées Jean Jaurès, 31000 Toulouse


No reviews

138 Grande Rue Saint-Michel, 31400 Toulouse


No reviews

12 Place de la Trinité, 31000 Toulouse

Le Péry

No reviews  • 🍺 €6.50

22 Rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse

Mama Shelter

No reviews

54-56 Boulevard Lazare Carnot, 31000 Toulouse

Le Glou Café

No reviews

36 Boulevard de Strasbourg, 31000 Toulouse

Les 3 Sages

No reviews

Place Rouaix, 31000 Toulouse

Le Wallace

No reviews

15 Place Saint-Georges, 31000 Toulouse

Le Nasdrovia

No reviews

2 Rue Maletache, 31000 Toulouse

Fat Cat

No reviews

4 Rue de Rémusat, 31000 Toulouse

Connexion Live

No reviews

8 Rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse

L'Heure du Singe

No reviews

59 Rue Riquet, 31000 Toulouse


No reviews

28 Rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse

Le Loup Blanc

No reviews

19 Rue Nicolas Bachelier, 31000 Toulouse

Wanted Jack Saloon

4,8 (4)  • 🍺 €4.00

2 Rue Raymond IV, 31000 Toulouse

L Episode

No reviews

3 Rue des Blanchers, 31000 Toulouse

La Couleur de la Culotte

No reviews

14 Pl. Saint-Pierre, 31000 Toulouse

Le Petit Beaubourg

No reviews

37 Pl. des Carmes, 31000 Toulouse

Le Dauphin

No reviews

3 bis Boulevard de Strasbourg, 31000 Toulouse