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The top cocktail bars in Nice

Hello to you, lover of cocktails and beautiful views! If you're looking for a place to sip a refreshing drink while admiring the beautiful scenery of Nice, you've come to the right place. Nice is full of cocktail bars where you can sit on a terrace and enjoy the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere like at Mamma Mia Place Charles Felix.

In addition to the incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the city itself, Nice's cocktail bars are places where you can relax, chat with your friends and even meet new people. The music is carefully chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere, and the sophisticated and elegant décor creates a mood of relaxation.

Cocktail bars in Nice are places where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and Les Folies d'Edmonde is the perfect bar for that. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure. You'll love sitting on a sunny terrace, ordering a delicious cocktail and sipping your drink while watching the sea. It's a magical moment you won't soon forget.

So if you are looking for a place to relax and sip a delicious cocktail, Nice's cocktail bars are the place for you. You'll love the warmth of the welcome, the friendliness and the friendly atmosphere. Take advantage of the city's pleasant climate and relax while sipping a perfectly prepared cocktail. What more could you want?

13 bars

Magnolia Café

No reviews

7 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice

Les Distilleries Idéales

3,0 (1)  • 🍺 €4.90

24 Rue de la Préfecture, 06300 Nice

Mamma Mia

No reviews  • 🍺 €5.50

3 Place Charles Félix, 06300 Nice


No reviews  • 🍺 €6.00

4 Rue du Pontin, 06300 Nice

Eden Garden

5,0 (1)  • 🍺 €3.90

30 Quai Lunel, 06300 Nice


No reviews  • 🍺 €4.00

1 Rue de la Loge, 06300 Nice

Les Folies D'Edmonde

No reviews

16 Rue Benoît Bunico, 06300 Nice

Au Fût et à mesure

No reviews

2 Rue Jules Gilly, 06300 Nice

Le Panama

No reviews

11 Place Garibaldi, 06300 Nice

La Shounga

No reviews

12 Pl. Guynemer, 06300 Nice

La Vie en Rose - Halles de la Gare du Sud

No reviews  • 🍺 €5.00

35 Avenue Malaussena, 06000 Nice

Boston Bar

No reviews  • 🍺 €6.50

11 Place de l'Île de Beauté, 06300 Nice

Insta bar

No reviews

13-5 Rue Bavastro, 06300 Nice