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samedi 17 février 2024 à 23:45

SIRYLL le 17/02 at YAMAS Maison Gerland

🎧 Soirée DJ

La Maison 4 Rue Jonas Salk, 69007 Lyon •  0,0 /5

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After having started his career over a decade ago, SirYLL has been a regular fixture on the club circuit in his native France. In 2020, SirYLL was appointed resident DJ at Shellona St-Tropez continues to woo crowds in St Barth at Casa and Shellona.
In 2022 his first track MALAWI supported by BLOND:ISH is released onABRACADABRA records in June 2022.
In July 2022 his second track KASSAV based on the original track 'MWEN MALAD', on CALAMAR RECORDS.
When it comes to DJing itself, he is going for a less is more approach these days, playing and choosing his bookings where he can find the energy he believes in, it's all about love and sharing emotion.


📅  Date de début : samedi 17 février 2024 à 23:45

📅  Date de fin : dimanche 18 février 2024 à 04:00

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