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jeudi 29 février 2024 à 20:00

Odium Hardcore @ La base arrière

🎧 Soirée DJ

La Base Arrière 88 Avenue du Peuple Belge, 59000 Lille •  0,0 /5

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La base arrière vous invite pour l'anniversaire du patron ce jeudi 29 février !

Alors pourquoi ce jour la ?
Une date tout les 4 ans tu ne rate pas ca !

La soirée débute des 20h jusque 02h
avec un JAGERBOMB OFFERT pour tous les participants.

Odium sera le guest du soir !

The new generation of hardcore is here! Dutch powerhouse act Odium has seen a momentous rise as newcomer in the world of harder styles since the start in May 2018.

Kicking off his career at Hard Island Croatia 2018, Odium quickly began rocking one gig after another, both national and international. Combined with multiple releases (1 single and 2 EP’s back to back) on DJ Mad Dog’s imprint ‘Dogfight Records’ and major support from legendary DJ’s as Angerfist, DJ Mad Dog, AniMe, Destructive Tendencies, Andy The Core, Evil Activities, Ophidian, Odium saw his act skyrocketing it’s way into the invigorated realms of Hard Dance.

The goal for 2020 is to spread high quality and game-changing hardcore all over the world. It’s time to change the game. Odium will leave no stone unturned with his #worldwidedomination world tour! Bringing ferocious hardcore beats to packed-out venues in the US, Australia and all over Europe he’s ready to conquer new territory and leave you shattered all over the dance floor.

To top things off, Odium recently took the number #1 spot on the Beatport Hardcore charts with his single The Curse. A collaboration with the very talented producer GridKiller.

Voici le reste de l'equipe qui accompagnera Odium :


Le prix de la soirée ?
10.99€ avec un jagerbomb offert !


📅  Date de début : jeudi 29 février 2024 à 20:00

📅  Date de fin : vendredi 1 mars 2024 à 02:00

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