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jeudi 7 mars 2024 à 21:00

Forest invites Friends @Le 9b

🎧 Soirée DJ

Le 9b 68 Boulevard de la Villette, 75019 Paris •  0,0 /5

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For this curation at 9b on Thursday, March 7, I have chosen to invite some intimate friends, artists with abundant talent whose musical influences touch me and whose projects and commitments I admire.

I've always opted for hybridity in the construction of my sets, seeking progression in set evolution and depth of sound. I encounter a facet of my musical interests in each of this evening's guests.
Debeunne and Sam Coste (Pentagon), Hannita (bpmfam, analogmind) and MBV (KSL). With each of them, I share this quest for progressivity while playing music. I admire them for their ambition, their dynamism, their creativity, their enthusiasm to make the world of music and nightlife evolve in a beautiful way around their different projects. Whether it's event organization, radio, music production, music discovery, commitment and vibrancy behind the decks, it made sense for me to share this evening with them. Expect a radiant rise from neo trance to groovy techno, alternating break / proggy / psy / heavy bass sounds, rhythmic ambiences and sonic pluralism.

I'm blessed to be able to count them among my closest friends, with whom we share so much ❤


📅  Date de début : jeudi 7 mars 2024 à 21:00

📅  Date de fin : vendredi 8 mars 2024 à 02:00

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